From 2019 to 2020, Perth’s population grew by 1.8 per cent — the second-highest growth rate of all Australian capital cities. And as our population increases, so does the demand for commercial infrastructures, such as apartment complexes, hospitals, shopping centres, and offices.

But with the commercial building sector generating around 25 per cent of Australia’s overall electricity use, the need for developments to be energy efficient, as well as cost-effective, safe, and productive, is becoming more pertinent.

Although water pump systems aren’t wholly responsible for a commercial building’s energy generation, we’re conscious of the role they play. That’s why, in every project we undertake, we work closely with hydraulic consultants, commercial plumbing contractors, and designers to build intelligently designed water pump systems and pump stations in Perth and WA. And with more than a century of combined industry experience, you can trust that we’re pretty good at it.

Advanced Pump Technologies specialises in myriad commercial plumbing solutions, such as hydraulic pumping systems for wastewater disposal and water pressure booster pumps to regulate temperature. But how do these water pump solutions work?

Wastewater disposal

Most wastewater comes from kitchen sinks, showers, and washing machines. After it’s disposed of through the sewerage network, it’s treated and can be reused to irrigate public, open spaces and agriculture, or in industrial applications, such as cooling and dust suppression. However, most treated wastewater is returned to the ocean.

In commercial buildings, wastewater can either be disposed of through a soil absorption system or via an irrigation system, such as subsurface irrigation. The latter significantly reduces the chance of human contact with the effluent — sewerage that has been treated — and in turn, its public health risk decreases. Subsurface irrigation also lessens the chance of surface saturation and effluent runoff.

Advanced Pump Technologies houses a variety of water pumps ideal for commercial wastewater disposal, as well as filtration and treatment. On the disposal front, the Lowara 1300 series is one of our strongest — and most cost-efficient — options. Constructed from robust materials, this submersible pump has several combinations of non-clog and vortex impellers to use in practically any environment. Its impellers have been intelligently designed to handle heavy-duty solids and consume less energy, all while requiring minimal maintenance. The complete range includes 11 unique designs, with different flows, pressures, motor ratings, outlets, and weights to suit every wastewater disposal application.

In terms of filtration and treatment, the Filtersafe TITAN series is ideal for the commercial sector, thanks to its ability to efficiently remove suspended solids as minute as 10 microns from water. When configured horizontally, this filter possesses a large surface area, which means cheaper installation and operational costs, safe and speedy maintenance, and improved safety.

Water pressure booster pumps

There’s nothing worse than taking a shower or doing the dishes and the water pressure suddenly drops! To mitigate this, water pressure boosters are used to regulate hot and cold-water pressure. As well as residential applications, their use is especially pertinent in commercial environments, where reliable water pressure is required for large volumes of people.

Pressure boosting is typically achieved using multistage pumps constructed from stainless steel and cast iron. As their name suggests, these water pumps contain several liquid stages that are connected in a sequence. After being pulled into the pump station via several impellers, water travels through each stage; as it flows through each chamber, its pressure increases.

While Advanced Pump Technologies supplies a slew of multistage pumps, one of our recommendations for commercial applications is the Lowara e-HM series. Not only can this technologically advanced water pump be used for water heating and cooling, but it can also be used for industrial washing and cleaning, as well as water filtration and treatment. The e-HM series can be customised to suit various applications and features a special bearing force reduction design to guarantee a long bearing life. It also utilises state-of-the-art hydraulics for ultimate efficiency and can be equipped with the Xylem Hydrovar control system for energy savings of up to 70 per cent.

As well as supplying individual multistage pumps, Advanced Pump Technologies also stocks several packaged systems, such as the Lowara Hydro-Boost range of variable speed boosters. The set includes the extremely reliable and robust Lowara e-SV series vertical pumps, Lowara Hydrovar pump drive, customisable control systems, pressure accumulators and transducers, stainless steel manifolds, and isolating and non-return valves.

Our work in action

Advanced Pump Technologies were contracted to manufacture, design, and construct Hydro-Boost pressure boosting and hot water circulating pump sets for the Perth Children’s Hospital, which opened in 2018. The project was completed on time and within budget and consisted of:

  • 12 Lowara Hydro-Boost multistage pump sets, fitted with Lowara Hydrovar VSD controls
  • 2 Amiad SAF dual filter skids
  • 2 dual Xylem Wedeco Spektron ONORM validated UV steriliser skids

The project’s success demonstrates our expertise in rolling out large-scale water pump packages and solutions within the Perth commercial sector, and our ability to design systems in-line with strict state government regulations.


Advanced Pump Technologies is proud to be one of Perth and WA’s most trusted water pump companies. You can count on us to act as a business partner working to ensure your success — not just another supplier. Get in touch with us today to find out how our valuable expertise and professionalism can help your business.

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