Submersible Pumps for Mining & Industrial


Water is a critical component of any successful mining or industrial operation. Whether it be supply, removal, transfer or potable treatment – and APT Water will ensure the right products are used in the right applications for your project. The failure of industrial pumps and associated equipment can result in costly operational downtime, so we build a clear and ‘big-picture’ understanding of every project; developing operational strategies to overcome potential problems and troubleshooting our pumping systems for long-term reliability.

Our large selection of stainless steel and cast iron centrifugal, submersible, and multi-stage pumps and pump sets are ideal for mining, oil and gas, and industrial applications. We can also provide a range of pumps and systems in exotic materials such as bronze, duplex and super duplex for dirty, contaminated and saline environments.

Our solutions include:

We pride ourselves in transparent quoting for product performance and delivery. Our team will foresee issues/complications at feasibility prior to any client capital commitment and will not supply any product unless we are 100% confident it will perform consistently in day-to-day operations.

APT Water will work in collaboration with you to determine and select the right products – delivering an end solution with reliable and efficient performance.

A quarry using our centrifugal pump in WA

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