Bore Pumps in WA


APT Water will enable you to maintain a safe and reliable water supply to your home and work, providing a complete range of quality pumps for household, garden and commercial use.

Our team are experienced in the requirements and challenges of the Western Australia market, and can assist in selecting, building and commissioning to ensure that you receive the right solution for your home or workplace.

APT Water only supply products which are proven to work efficiently in the harshest of conditions, and our team will carefully assess your requirements to ensure the best result for your application.

Our pumping solutions:

  • Bore pumps
  • Irrigation pumps
  • Surface pressure systems
  • Drainage pumps
  • Wastewater pumps
  • Filtration packages for tanks and bores
  • Industry leading control systems

Contact us today to discuss your residential or commercial pumping needs and see how the team at APT Water can assist.

Talk to our team today to discuss how we can partner with your business.

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