Titan Series


Filtersafe TITAN Automatic Screen Filters offer superior and reliable filtration technology. TITAN filters offer the largest screen area in a horizontal configuration, which results in: lower costs for installation operation, easier service and maintenance, and greater safety. All filters have enhanced Ease of Maintenance and include an internal Screen Slider System for easier removal and insertion of the coarse and fine filtration screens. The hinged lid provides access to the filter’s interior without having to disassemble the front end. The Screen Service Stand addition allows for 1 person to safely maintain the filter.

TITAN Automatic Screen Filters are suitable for removal of suspended solids from water in the industrial, agricultural, and municipal sectors down to 10 microns.



  • High Flow rates up to 2800 m3/h
  • 10-500 Micron Filtration range
  • 10 bar max operating pressure
  • Low flush flows
  • 2 bar min operating pressure
  • Screen area range from 5,000 to 40,000 cm2
  • Designed to ADS2000
  • Max Operating temperature 60C
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