Can you imagine a society where plumbing simply didn’t exist? Let alone plumbing pipes?

For one, we would have no convenient access to water, which means imperative aspects of life such as cooking, bathing, washing clothes, doing the dishes, brushing our teeth, using the restrooms and other day-to-day chores would simply stop.

Without plumbing or plumbing pipes, modern society as we know it could not, and will not function without it.

Plumbing is everywhere, whether we are talking residential, commercial and industrial properties. That is why plumbers are so important because ensure all types of plumbing pipes are maintained, by installing, inspecting, and repairing plumbing pipes when needed.


Now, here is why plumbing pipes are imperative in construction

In construction, pipes are everywhere. They bring water into buildings along with gas for cooking or heating in homes! So, we dive a little deeper on how these humble metal tubes are cornerstone to a functional home.


  • Washing dishes and clothes– Cleaning the dishes in your sink would be impossible without residential plumbing, and dishwashers have hot water pumped into them to sterilise dishes, plates, cups and utensils. Having hot water is your home is a modern luxury most people today can’t live without, especially when it comes to bathing.


  • Showers and bathing– After a long day, the one thing you can look forward to is a nice hot shower – courtesy of your plumbing pipes! Thanks to your plumbing pipes, all you need to do is to turn the shower tap on and there it is – hot water. This needed luxury cannot be possible without plumbing pipes.


  • Toilets – Arguably the most underappreciated plumbing pipes in a household. We are talking about the ones in bathrooms and restrooms. It is very reassuring to know that toilets are available every time you need to use them. We use them everyday after all, and definitely take them for granted…until the plumbing stops working.


Thankfully, there is no residential, commercial, or industrial plumbing problem that can’t be fix by professional plumbers in Perth.


Partner with APT Water for your new construction or build

Remember, it is when a toilet doesn’t flush and drain away to the sewer pipes, or there is no hot water for showering and bathing, or a kitchen faucet stops working or begins to leak that people truly appreciate how important plumbing pipes and plumbers are.

Are you thinking of building, or the owner of a construction company in Perth? Then we implore you to get in touch. Whether you require the installing of plumbing pipes in a new construction build or repairing and replacing plumbing pipes in a commercial building or residential home, we are here.

APT Water specialises in finding solutions for our clients, regardless of the complexity of the situation or industry regulations. We pride ourselves on a fast turnaround for quotes and approach every project with the integrity and professionalism that the APT Water team are known for within the pumping industry.

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