Slurry is referred to a mixture that is semi-liquid, commonly made up of fine particles that include, but aren’t limited to, manure, cement, coal, dirt and debris suspended in saltwater.

Slurry is used in many industrial processes, particularly mine sites, such as those in northern Western Australia.

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The necessity of slurry pump efficiency for mine sites

Slurry pumps are an integral working part to mining operations.

Why? Because they’re critical in the effective transport of slurry across an industrial plant.

There are many industrial applications for slurry pumping, such as in mining and construction operations. It’s here where water-filled areas may need to be drained and require special planning to ensure the right equipment is on site to complete the pumping project. The oil and gas drilling method known as “fracking” also uses slurry pumping quite frequently, both in the drilling itself as well as recovering the slurry after drilling.

Did you know that a slurry pumps running costs make up a large proportion of total lifecycle costs, roughly around 32%?

This means that any failure resulting from a slurry pump breakdown or inadequacy, has the unfortunate potential to bring a project to a grinding halt.


Demanding environment? Handling slurry pumps effectively

Slurry pumps are designed, built and intended to transport large quantities of slurry to a mineral extraction process plant. As stated earlier, the slurry transported is composed of an array of minerals and particles suspended in fluid.

These specific pumps must have the capacity to safely handle the possibility of abrasive solids in the slurry, as well as sometimes even corrosive fluids.

Often operation 24/7, wear and tear can come about sooner than expected, which leads to a reduced wear life of wetted components if not suited for the specific applications.

As you might have guessed, any inefficiency or failure in the slurry pumping process have detrimental repercussions to the entire plant and project undertaken.


Optimising the efficiency of your slurry pump

Whilst crucial on mine sites, it’s still common to see slurry pumps working inefficiently, or in ways that greatly reduce the standard lifespan of the equipment.

Thankfully, there are measures you can put in place to avoid this, ensuring correct operational function throughout its long-term usage.

Below, APT Water have listed the recommendations to optimise slurry pump efficiency.

What are they?

  • Specify and select the right pump and related equipment needed for its intended application.
  • Make sure the slurry pump is operating at its best efficiency point (BEP) flow rate.
  • Conduct regular monitoring and maintenance to prevent any problems, such as unplanned outages, declining performances or visible inefficiencies.


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