Maintenance is necessary in all businesses. From mining and industrial spheres to commercial and residential sites and irrigation and agricultural settings – maintenance is the key to keep every little, medium and big aspect working effectively.

If your business is currently relying solely on reactive maintenance (otherwise known as breakdown or corrective maintenance), that is, repairs and maintenance if/when a problem arises, you need to rethink this method.

Very quickly, your business will be wasting precious time, money and other resources due to the lack of consistent maintenance planning.

Want to know more about preventative and predictive maintenance?

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What is predictive maintenance?

Planning is a necessary part of every business. Planning if/when your crucial operational equipment and machinery will need repair and maintenance will ultimately benefit your business.

Predictive maintenance is where you pay close attention to the condition of your equipment, calculating with an educated guess, when maintenance will be needed.

The greatest benefit of predictive maintenance:

  • An attractive aspect of predictive maintenance is knowing that if a shutdown is required, it will be shorter and more targeted than it would be if it was for reactive maintenance.

It’s where machinery and equipment is monitored for their performance and an estimate drawn up to find out when it may break down, but most importantly, why.

There is of course, a similarly beneficial form of maintenance, and that is preventative maintenance.


What is preventative maintenance?

Preventative maintenance is the opposite of predictive maintenance.

Why? Because it involves maintaining equipment at predetermined intervals – regardless of whether maintenance is needed or not.

Initiating and implementing a preventative maintenance program doesn’t have to be complicated at all when you have a clear understanding of the steps that need to be taken.

Once the necessary maintenance plan is properly implemented and enhanced, your business will be able to consider what was once predictive maintenance now as proper preventative maintenance.


Performing preventative maintenance in 5 steps

So, you want to turn reactive maintenance into preventative maintenance.

Here’s how to do so in 5 easy steps:

  1. Schedule or manually analyse and perform regular inspections of your operational equipment
  2. Conduct and stick to regular cleaning of your buildings, grounds and assets
  3. Lubricate all moving parts of your equipment to reduce the negative impacts of wear and tear
  4. Adjust controls when necessary to ensure optimal performance and up your energy efficiency
  5. Repair and replace any defective and outdated equipment parts.

Following the above steps is guaranteed to reduce your downtime and maximise your equipment and machinery lifespan.


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