Lowara pumps are used across the world in industries such as agriculture, building services, municipal and mining for a variety of purposes such as irrigation, water supply, cooling and heating systems, and fire prevention, etc.

Lowara is recognised as a quality pump manufacturer in commercial, and residential industries.

Firstly, let’s explore who Lowara is:


Lowara pumps have been manufactured in Italy since the 1960s and have sold water pumps in Perth for the last 35 years. Western Australia has some of the harshest water conditions in the world, and the life of Lowara Pumps have been proven due to their quality.

Lowara Pumps are recognised as a world leader in stainless steel manufactured pumps with a wide range of pumps from end suction, multistage, borehole and submersible wastewater.

Glenn Bagley from APT Water said “we have been proudly distributing Lowara Pumps in Perth for the last 16 years and know the quality of Lowara pumps is the reason they are so widely used.”


Secondly, why should you use Lowara pumps?


  1. Lowara bore pumps have been designed for long life. Manufactured in stainless steel with a floating impeller design to enhance wear resistance and maximise performance.


  1. Lowara end suction pumps come in a range of materials from cast iron, to marine grade stainless steel to super duplex and can be used in everything from irrigation to heavy industry and mining.


  1. Lowara Smart Pump technology has been proven by research to cut operating costs by over 43% due to its ability to match flow demand by varying pump speed.


  1. Lowara e-SV vertical multistage pumps are best in class for efficiency through its reliable and technologically advanced design. They can be coupled with Lowara Smart Pump technology to make them even more efficient.


  1. Lowara waste water pumps combine performance and quality into a convenient design for sewage or drainage water applications with varying solids handling capabilities.


Lowara pumps are the obvious choice if you are in search of pumps Perth as they are environmentally friendly, quality, cost effective and long lasting solution when compared to other pumps available.

Want to know more about water pumps and pump control systems? Feel free to reach out to our friendly team at APT Water.  We are always ready to provide you the right solution, not just any solution.

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