At APT Water, we supply and install a range of Permaglass® products to our Perth clients.

Permaglass® FRP pump columns, and bore casings are market-leading products for ground water pumping applications. They are widely used in irrigation, mining and municipal water systems around Perth.  Today we explore this product, and provide an insight on why we champion it for our clients.


Firstly, what is a Permaglass?


Permaglass is lightweight, corrosion resistant and an incredibly strong material for lining groundwater bores. This product is known to outlast any other material in corrosive and warm water conditions. Additionally to this product being corrosion resistant, Permaglass has a high external collapse rating, making it suitable for very deep installations.


Why is it used?


Permaglass can be used to repair the following water system defects, capabilities and functional operation needs:

  • Vertical and horizontal piping
  • Marine coating
  • Applies and cures underwater
  • Corrosion defects that impact the internal and external system
  • Blunt dents and gouges
  • Bends, elbows and tees
  • Corrosion at pipe supports


What determines Permaglass’ longevity?


  • The sturdy and durable design of the product
  • Permaglass’ has a strong focus on being corrosion resistant
  • The product brand is backed by 25 years of manufacturing and design capabilities
  • The Permaglass design ensures the groove can easily be inserted into any cable insertion
  • The product is specifically made for submersible pump installations


APT Water’s commitment to our clients


At APT Water, we are the missing link for our clients. What we mean by this is we provide bespoke and tailored pumping systems, partnering clients as an extension of their team. We are there until the very end, and ensure the successful completion of all client projects we undertake.

Speak to our in-house water systems’ design team to help you design, source, supply and install the most effective products for your specific application and industry. With over 125 years of pumping experience, a large network of dealers and proven products, we provide a solutions-focused service which is competitive, and unchallenged. We invite you to ask us about Permaglass, and how it might be able to elevate your operational excellence on-site.


Sectors that may benefit from Permaglass:


If your industry is on the list, we encourage you to get in touch and to enquire about how Permaglass might be able to improve your functionality. If your industry is not on the list, we still encourage you to get in touch, as we may still be able to help you.

  • Mining, resources and industrial industries
  • Commercial building services
  • Residential communities
  • Commercial precincts
  • Irrigation and agriculture
  • Government and local councils


As a small business, our team at APT Water are able to provide our vast array of clients with promptness and reliability. Talk to the team at APT Water how Permaglass® products may be able to improve your water systems in Perth.

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