Whether your submersible pumps are for private or commercial property, we have brought you some top tips for inspecting your submersible pump so you can enjoy the long-term benefits of it with reliable performance.


What to look for while inspecting?


You can miss some significant wear-and-tear if you have no idea what you’re looking for. Here is a list of things to include in your checklist while inspecting yourself so you won’t miss anything during your bore pumps Perth inspection.


Irregular water flow


If the water flow is irregular or the surface is sputtering water, you need to check for a broken valve or pipe.


Reduced performance


The most frequent symptom you can notice is reduced output. It can be because of several reasons, including blockages in the impeller, low water table, or issues with the bore. It can cause your pump not to work altogether, further causing tripped circuit breakers.


Overheated electric motor


A submersible motor can overhead for several reasons, insufficient flow or over pumping or low water table. Constant overheating conditions can cause the motor to fail.


Unusual noise


In nearly all submersible pump installations you should not hear the motor running. If you do, it should be stopped immediately and booked for an APT Water service inspection. Some major causes of it can be pump blockage or insufficient water levels.




If the water pump is of an unusual colour or contains silt or sand there could be a problem with the bore. The can result in clogging of the pump and premature failure. The bore should be checked by a professional if this is the case.

Now that you know what to look for, it is advisable to do a regular inspection of your submersible pump. Look for output, leakages, cracks, electrical wiring, or anything unusual. By doing so, you can increase your bore pump life and performance.

In case of any repair or services, APT Water is readily available to provide advice for your submersible pumps in Perth.

Contact our experts today and save yourself a costly repair later. You can also explore our case studies prior to getting in touch, and get a firm understanding of our key market sectors too. Before you go, you can explore our submersible pump range here. 

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