Submersible water pumps are often the most commonly used in the pumping world, across many different market sectors.

Otherwise known as a bell pump, a submersible pump is fully immersed into water to be extracted, and they come in a range of different models.

Want to know the 4 key factors to consider before buying a submersible pump?

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What are submersible pumps used for?

You can find submersible pumps in situations where flooding has occurred, such as rising groundwater in cellars, basements, flooded boats or other unfortunate scenarios.

Essentially, submersible pumps can be used for:

  • Groundwater reduction
  • Pumping groundwater for drinking purposes
  • As fire-fighting water
  • Pumping dirty water and draining wastewater.

Clean-water submersible pumps are used for rainwater only, whereas dirty-water/wastewater submersible pumps can be used to process water containing sand, soil and other residue. Finally, there are heavy-duty submersible pump models that can even process coarser materials, like large solid particles. This works with an impeller at the bottom of the pump which processes solid particles by cutting them up to become easily drained.


The 4 key factors before buying a submersible pump

As reputable Perth pump suppliers, we’ve compiled for you 4 key things to consider before buying a submersible pump.

What are they?

  1. Identify the pump capacity

Where one pump might have a capacity of 7,5000 litres per hour, another could process 18,000 litres per hour. Ask yourself the capacity needed for the task (and future tasks).

  1. Look at the deliver head

This references the maximum height at which a pump can raise water. You’ll discover some pumps have a delivery head of 8 metres, whereas some have one of only 5 metres.

  1. Does it need to be automated?

Some pumps can switch on and off automatically with a float. In automatic mode, you’ll see that pumps are unable to pump a surface completely dry. Manual mode is the only way to do this, and you’ll need to switch it off in time.

  1. Are all accessories supplied with the pump?

Some pumps are a lot more user friendly than others, mainly because they come with all the necessary accessories for it to work straight away. You’ll need to familiarise yourself with a submersible pump before use, and it’s always recommended to check which accessories come standard with the pump you choose.


What one should you buy?

Once you have successfully considered the above 4 points, you’re closer to finding the submersible pump needed for your task(s) at hand.

Here at APT Water, we stock a wide range of submersible pumps and accessories from the industry leading brands.

Whether it’s residential or commercial, mining and industrial or irrigation and agriculture market sectors you need pumps and pump products for – you can rely on our high-quality products and tailored expert advice.


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