Permaglass® Pump Column


Permaglass® Pump Column and Bore Casing has been used extensively in Australia and throughout the world for the last 25 years in difficult water conditions and has proven itself to be a safe, reliable and long lasting product for ground water applications.

Permaglass® FRP Pump Column is a lightweight, rigid rising main designed for submersible pump installations. It will not corrode like steel and is very quick and easy to install. Permaglass® FRP Pump Column comes in two ranges, standard duty for depths to 200m and heavy duty for depths to 350m.

Product Features:

  • Kwik-Lok Joints (very quick and easy to join)
  • Anti-torque, non rotating joints
  • Lightweight casing
  • Corrosion resistant FRP (or GRP / GRE)
  • Australian owned and operated
  • Standard 5m lengths with other intermediate lengths available
  • Handles up to 100°C without de-rating
  • Diameter up to 250NB
  • Depths to 350m
  • Maximum Tensile Load 18,920kg
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