Aquada UV


The most effective method of disinfecting water of bacteria, viruses and cysts is through the use of ultra violet sterilisation. UV instantly renders dangerous organisms harmless. The Aquada UV range is suitable for residential, light commercial and building services applications and is available in five sizes to handle flow rates up to a nominal 10m3/hr. Each of the sizes can be supplied with one of three different models, the economical Altima, the feature packed Proxima or the high specification Maxima.



ModelStandard Disinfection Flow Rate (L/min)Premium Disinfection Flow Rate (L/min)Connections
Aquada 11511½” BSP (M)
Aquada 23728¾” BSP (M)
Aquada 46146¾” BSP (M)
Aquada 7128971” BSP (M)
Aquada 101781351 ½” BSP (M)
  • Flow rates above based on UVT 90% per 1cm at end of lamp life
  • Standard disinfection is based on 300J/m2 offering a safe level of disinfection
  • Premium disinfection is based on 400J/m2 which is the international standard for water disinfection and provides protection against common bacteria
  • Lamp life is 8,650 hours or 1 year of continuous operation
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