The Azud Helix automatic FT200 self cleaning filtration system is composed of 1 – 12 x 2” filter pods installed in-line performing in-depth filtration. The system includes 2” backwash valves operating on Azud’s DLP low pressure technology and inlet and outlet manifolds. When multi-filters are installed clean filtered water is used for backwashing the rest of the filters in the train ensuring the system continues to filter during backwash.

The patented Azud Helix anti-clogging deflector provides reliable filtration through centrifugal separation, reducing backwash frequency and reducing waste water.



  • Water flows from teh inlet manifold to the inside of the filter, passing through the anti-clogging deflector AZUD HELIX, which throws the heavy particles away from the disc stack, avoiding the quick clogging of the filter and minimising the backwash frequency.
  • Water flows OUT-IN through the disc stack to the outlet manifold while particles bigger than the filtration degree are trapped in the discs


  • When automatic backwash is activated, the pressurised water flows IN-OUT, decmpressing the sisc stack.
  • High-speed flushing water flowing through the spray nozzels, creates a tangential cleaning effect that flush out the trapped particles.


  • Azud Disc Filters
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