Pump motor testing is vital for predictive maintenance, system uptime and revenue generation.


Predictive maintenance is a technique that allows you to anticipate when an equipment component might fail and can then be replaced before it does. Here you use non-destructive tests such as infrared thermographic studies and electric motor vibration analysis to analyse electric motors currently in service. This allows for a reduction in downtime as well as maximising component life. 

Predictive maintenance on electric motors is designed to identify and correct potential problems before they become costly or impact productivity. Predictive maintenance should be performed at regular intervals, with all results documented so you can track potential issue trends. 


The Advantages of Electric Motor Predictive Maintenance


The following are the benefits of a solid electric motor predictive maintenance plan: 

  • Service is only provided when it is necessary, with money not wasted on unnecessary services. 
  • Reducing downtime and allowing for shorter planned outages to service the electric motors. 
  • Equipment lasts longer. 
  • The safety of workers and plant personnel is improved. 


Cost Savings as a Result of Longer Motor Life 


Even if parts don’t need to be replaced yet, companies will have to spend more on spare parts and supplies if they are not being replaced at the scheduled time. Alternately, it is more costly to replace the parts after they have failed, or the machine stops running. It is best to replace components as they become worn, prior to failure. Predictive maintenance allows for part replacement and upkeep to be done before an equipment failure is likely. This saves money on unnecessary maintenance and preventable breakdowns. 

A predictive maintenance program can help you save money on your electric motors by reducing the need for spare parts and supplies. The machinery’s life span is extended by ordering only the items that are needed and continuing repairs as necessary. 

Companies that use predictive maintenance instead of reactive or preventative maintenance see a 70%–75% reduction in breakdowns and a 25-30% decrease in maintenance costs. 


Reduced Downtime


Predictive maintenance programs ensure that maintenance is performed only when it is necessary. This dramatically reduces downtime compared to other maintenance techniques like reactive or preventative (run to failure). According to reports, predictive maintenance can reduce downtime by 35 to 45 per cent when compared to other methods. 

Continuous monitoring and analysis of machine conditions allow maintenance personnel to identify areas that are failing or soon will need replacement. Predictive maintenance programs are up to four times more efficient than reactive maintenance. They stream real-time data into a computerised management system (CMMS). 

These are the most effective and common monitoring methods: 

  • Infrared Thermography: This technique detects excessive heat within bearings and circuitry. 
  • Vibration analysis: detects misalignment of rotating components 
  • Ultrasound detection: detects invisible leaks and friction. 
  • Lubrication testing: This is used to detect metal particles in oil and indicates grounding. 


Encourages an Active Workforce


People drive the success of a predictive maintenance program, not the equipment. The human processes are the interactions between your staff and the data. 

CMMS data can be used to identify problems and provide solutions. Employees can take an active part in preventing electric motor failure by being proactive. 


Better Technical Support


Machinery sensors are used to provide real-time data from the machinery’s components and allow for predictive maintenance stream data. The data is then related to an external pump control system to allow you to monitor the operating condition of critical motors and pumps in Perth. 

Technical support can be improved by having access to the right tools and technology for accurate analysis and data collection of your motors and pump control systems. Remote monitoring of conditions allows you and your technicians to keep an eye on them before they occur. 


Better Knowledge of Machines’ Working


A variety of industries employ machinery to improve their production processes and productivity. Most people don’t know much about the machinery, and pump control systems, nor how they work. Parts are replaced based on how long the motor and Perth pump has been in service, and not what the motor or Perth environment requires. 

A predictive maintenance program will give you a better understanding of how your electric motor functions, how it interacts with other parts, and which sections require maintenance most frequently. The ability to detect operating conditions under full load gives valuable insight into your machinery’s condition. The data will eventually allow you to document the failures of motor components and their estimated life expectancy. 

Maintenance personnel and companies are required to inform their superiors of the type of maintenance they require, how often, and what parts they should be replacing. 


What is the Smart Way to Implement Predictive Analysis?


You can use predictive analytics to improve your facility’s efficiency. You should start with a low budget and only take small steps. Establish a strong process for management and include clear, frequent results over a few months. 

After everyone is happy, the plant manager (and often stockholders) become the driving force behind the program’s expansion. This can happen when cost reductions are being made and can improve the entire plant. 

Let the predictive software sell itself and let those in control of the budget push for full-blown programs. If the right people push it, the sky is the limit. Long-term success is almost guaranteed. 


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