Mobile Headworks Trailers

APT Water was contracted to design and construct two mobile headworks trailers by a leading mining contracting company for BHP Mt Keith. The package was part of a larger borehole and pipeline product being undertake on this site.

The package was designed as a completely portable trailer design for the dewatering borefield. Some key features of the trailers include:

  • DN150 galvanised steel pipework with high quality Bermad pressure control and relief valves
  • Variable speed drive control switchboard with battery backup
  • Removable blast shields and mounting structure
  • FEA analysis carried out on structural framework
  • ADR compliant trailer with approved VIN numbers
  • All drawings and MDR documentation to client requirements
  • Designed, constructed and testing from our Wangara facility

This was an exciting project to be involved in with a new and rapidly expanding client. The successful delivery of this project demonstrates APT Water’s ability to design and construct large packages to suit any of the major mining company’s specifications.

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