Who is AZUD?

The AZUD disc filters are from leading Spanish manufacturer AZUD, who specialise in disc filtration equipment that perform advanced screening in a water filtration system. Born in some of the most arid regions in Europe, water and the environment is their passion. With the AZUD product operating in more than 100 countries around the world, it is a product tried and tested, globally.


The innovative AZUD disc filter


The innovative design of the AZUD filters allows them to be used in a broader range of applications from the industrial and commercial industries as well as for water treatment applications and irrigation.

These innovative designs have continually been improved through the R&D team as our ever-changing global climate changes. These innovative design features that give you the advantage are;

  • Helix – This patented design keeps the heavier solids in suspension away from the disk to allow more filtration and less backwash frequency. This also saves on water going to back wash.
  • Two Disc Types – The MG grooved disc channels the flow trapping smaller particles than the nominal degree. the WS wall disc increases efficiency to remove particles down to 5um where most other disc filters stop at 100um.
  • Filtration Surface Area – The taller disc stack and larger diameter pod allows for a minimum of 1620cm2 filtration area where the closest competitor only gives you 880cm2. Again, saves on water with less back washes.
  • Wider range of filtration degrees from 400um to 5um
  • Sequential self-cleaning with no interruption of your supply means there is no you have a non-stop filtration process.
  • Air Assist – With a more aggressive and effective backwash at high speeds, this system allows to again increase your water saving by a further 80% using ONLY 10 litres of water per pod per back wash.

The AZUD range are well-designed with highest quality of materials used in the construction to ensure a long lifespan and high corrosion resistance. The housings are constructed of polypropylene reinforced with fibre glass or polyamide reinforced with fibre glass. The discs are constructed with either polypropylene or polyethylene and the manifolds are constructed of high-density polyethylene.

These materials of construction allows you to use AZUD disc filters in high salinity water, chlorinated water and drinking water applications.


Filtration for Cooling Towers


  • 1% – 5% less energy consumption
  • 10% – 20% less chemical consumption
  • Less maintenance Stops
  • 10% – 15% less make-up water consumption


Filtration in Heat Exchange Systems


  • 1% – 5% Energy Consumption
  • 10% – 20% Less Chemical Consumption
  • Minimum Maintenance
  • No Tubes/Plates clogging Risk
  • Extended Lifespan of Sensitive Components


Prefiltration of Media Filters


  • 10% – 20% Less Water Consumption
  • Clogging Prevention of Raw Water Distribution Nozzles
  • Less Media Replacement
  • Minimum Maintenance Costs


Ultrafiltration Membrane Prefiltration


  • Guaranteed UF Membrane Protection
  • 5% – 10% Less Water Consumption
  • 25% – 50% Less CIP Cleaning Efforts
  • No Fibres Breaking Risk
  • Extended Lifespan of the UF Membrane


Make-Up Water Filtration


  • Less Inspection and Maintenance
  • Less Pressure Drop with 1% – 5% of Energy Saving
  • Optimizes Downstream Equipment Performance
  • Reduces Disinfection Costs
  • Constant Availability of Optimum Process Water
  • Extended Lifespan of Sensitive Components


Spay Nozzle Protection


  • Eliminates Obstruction Risk
  • Constant Water Availability at all Spray Points
  • Less Inspection and Maintenance Costs

Filtration in Water Tanks, Lakes and Dams


  • Reduces Inspection and Maintenance Labours
  • Increased Effectiveness of the Downstream Disinfection
  • Extended Lifespan of Sensitive Components


Disinfection System Protection


  • Ensured Effectiveness of the UV Lamps
  • TSS Reduction to Comply with Reuse Regulations
  • Less Residual Disinfection Dosage
  • Exclusive Air Assisted Backwash System for an Effective cleaning of the Filter


Filtration for Wastewater Recycling Systems


  • Exclusive System with Air Assisted Backwash
  • Effective Cleaning of Sticky Particles
  • 40% – 50% Water Saving and Decreases Drain Water Discharge
  • TSS Reduction Helps the Disinfection Process

Particles Recovery


  • Exclusive Air Assisted Backwash for a Higher Recovery of Valuable Particles
  • Lower Environmental Impact
  • More Particle Recovery with fine Filtration Degree


Key Benefits


The AZUD disc filter product line is a market leader in the above industries thanks to its meticulous design and technical excellence in manufacturing. It includes the following features:


  • Surface as well as depth filtration using the various disc technologies (MG and WS) ensures the highest quality water possible.
  • Self-cleaning with low pressure and very little water and energy consumption using the proprietary “DLP TECHNOLOGY”. During the cleaning stage, water production continues.
  • Low maintenance That doesn’t require any tools.
  • The ‘AZUD HELIX SYSTEM’, AZUD’s proprietary technology, delays clogging. This optimises filter performance and lowers the frequency as well as the intensity of maintenance.
  • The filters can operate in difficult conditions (water with high pollutant loads, saline environments, and seawater). You can always be sure of excellent water quality.




In terms of design, AZUD has created several patents to improve the functionality of our AZUD disc filter equipment. These patents are primarily focused on self-cleaning, which is the most important stage in any filtration process.

The ‘AZUD HELIX SYTEM’ creates a centrifugal effect that removes larger particles from the filtration surface. This reduces the likelihood of clogging and decreases cleaning frequency. A second option is an air-assisted cleaning system. It reduces both the cleaning pressure and water flow, which increases the performance of the filter while also contributing to significant energy savings.

The AZUD HELIX Automatic product line allows clients to improve filtration results and reduce water and energy usage.


Water Resource Optimisation


Water scarcity is one of the biggest challenges in the water sector today. This is a crucial point to keep in mind as you plan, design, and implement any filtration requirement.

The second challenge is water quality. While water supplies are becoming increasingly polluted, consumers’ demands for quality water are growing.

Each drop of water must be returned to the natural environment. To make the most of it, we must also be conscious of the consequences of our actions.

These challenges force us to constantly improve our products. We not only develop better products or components that optimise performance, but we also develop solutions that make the most of this precious resource, water.


What Does AZUD Mean for APT Water?


The AZUD disc filters product range has made a significant impact on filtration, and users have been impressed with its quality.

APT Water is the company you come to for all your Industrial, Municipal, Agriculture and Waste Water filtration requirements. APT Water has the expertise to design and build to system requirements with our in-house engineering team and can also commission and service your AZUD filtration system. For more information on the AZUD product, get in touch with the team at APT Water.

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