Although there are many types of submersible bore pumps In Perth, they all have the same purpose: to transfer liquids from one location to another. 

A submersible bore pump in Perth can be described as a complete unit designed to operate completely submerged in liquid. It was designed to resist liquid ingress and allow it to function effectively. To prevent damage to the motor, oil is usually added to it. 

The Perth pump pushes water or other liquids out of its body. You must select a reliable supplier of mine dewatering pumps to ensure that your pump provides years of service. 

Perth submersible bore pumps are used in many industries because they can withstand extreme or harsh conditions. These pumps are used in grit, wastewater, construction, mining, as well as marine. Some of these industries would not be able to function optimally and efficiently without submersible pumps. 

At APT Water, we provide comprehensive support for all types of Perth water pump packages and systems. If you have any questions about submersible pumps in WA, contact our team of experts. 

Submersible pumps offer many benefits: 

Advantages of Submersible Pumps in WA 


The submersible pump is placed in a head of liquid and is used to push the liquid out of the pump. This pumping method is very efficient and uses minimal energy. This pump is a cost-effective option that can be used by both individuals and businesses. 

Noise Level 

Because it is submerged under water, submersible pumps make very little noise. 

It reduces the sound of the pump. 

Ordinary pumps are placed outside walls or sums and can make a lot of noise. 


It is easy to cool the pump because it is submerged in liquid. Overheating can cause damage to the pump’s components and possibly even lead to the death of the electric components. This can dramatically reduce the life expectancy of any pump. Submersibles are so efficient that they are always in use. 


Submersible pumps have the advantage of not being affected by the harmful effects of being submerged in any liquid. The housing of these pumps is resistant to corrosion and abrasion. These pumps also have watertight seals and gaskets that prevent water from flooding the motor or other internal parts. These vital parts help prevent leaks and other electrical problems whenever the pumps are operating. 

No Priming Needed 

Some pumps must be primed before they work properly. Submersible pumps, however, don’t need to be primed. Submersible pumps are well-known for being self-priming. They work below the surface of the medium they are pumping. They will do their job regardless of whether they have a sensor telling them to start when the liquid reaches a certain level or a timer telling them when to turn on or off. 

Disadvantages of Submersible Pumps in WA 


The pump must be removed from the liquid and dried before any maintenance or repairs are possible. This is not a problem if the pump is in your basement pit, but it can be a problem if the pump is at the bottom or is difficult to reach. 


Submersible pumps are still susceptible to leaks and failures, due to weary seals or corroded ones. These components prevent water from entering the pumps. They can’t drive the water out of water pumps in Perth if they are damaged. 


Any item constantly submerged in water is at a high risk of corrosion. Although most submersible pumps have a plastic outer shell, water can penetrate the feet and cause corrosion. This can lead to defects or even complete failure of the pump. 


Submersible Pump Applications 

The size of the pump will depend on how much liquid is being pumped. You may need to have multiple pumps working together to achieve higher flow rates. You can also have an extra pump in case one fails. These are the most popular types of applications: 

Pumping Sewage 

New buildings are often built below the main sewer level. In these cases, the sewage is collected in a well, and then pumped to the main sewer. 


Water can build up in many places. Sump pumps are often required to drain ground water from basements and cellars. Many new urban developments include large concreted or tarmacked areas, such as car parking lots. The rainwater can then be collected and pumped to a local stream or soaked away. 


Borehole and submersible pumps are used to water crops in gardens and on farms. They are also great at lifting water from deep depths. Rainwater harvesting tanks can also use submersible pumps to recycle rainwater. This is a great way to save the environment and money. 

Optimising the Performance of Submersible Pumps 

Operate at the Highest Efficiency Level 

The flow rate at which the pump can operate at its maximum efficiency for its impeller diameter is called the Best Efficiency Point, or BEP. The radial as well as axial loads experienced by the bearings in a pump at this stage are the lowest. If there is insufficient flow, the system will not be able to move the solids efficiently and may clog. Clogs can also form if the velocity is too high. This happens because the solids won’t get shredded due to too much velocity. Both scenarios result in inefficiencies in performance due to the increased radial load. 

Aligning the Pipe Size with the Pump Size 

In wastewater systems that contain more solids or flushable wipes, a velocity of seven feet per second is necessary to prevent solids from settling in the system. For slurries or heavier solids, a higher velocity might be necessary. 

As we all know, the pipe size has a significant impact on the velocity. To prevent solids from clogging, oversized pipes require a higher velocity. Undersized pipes will cause the head to increase, increasing friction and decreasing flow. It is therefore important that the size of the pump matches the size of the pipe. 

You need to understand the advantages and disadvantages of submersible pump to make an informed decision about whether they should be used in your proposed or planned application. Contact us today, APT Water is happy to provide you with more information. 

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