When we think about water quality, and the importance of our water filtration systems, our mind immediately goes to our homes.


However, our team at APT Water have noticed that this same level of care and consideration is absent with water in the workplace.

A commercial water filtration solution in Perth can provide plenty of benefits, regardless of the type of business or market sector you are in. Today, we are exploring 4 reasons why every commercial and industrial businesses should consider a water filtration system.


#1 Improved equipment performance


A majority of industrial, mining, chemical, agricultural and energy renewable equipment uses water. In many of these environments, the water can contain impurities and suspended solids. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that a water filtration system would improve the performance of your equipment. Not having a quality water filtration system could lead to a build-up of excess minerals and solids in expensive downstream equipment. This can result in a variety of problems, not to mention, expensive repairs. Ultimately, you may have to replace your equipment sooner than anticipated, which is an expense that you could avoid with a filtration system.


#2 It can reduce operating expenses


How much water does your business use? When we are looking at a hospitality venue, mining site or agricultural facility, it is safe to say the water usage is on the high side. A water filtration system can help lower the operating expenses of your business. It is proven that high-quality water can reduce energy consumption, and ultimately will impact your bottom line. Over the years, your water filtration system can save you thousands of dollars.


#3 It can equate to less equipment maintenance


Removal of suspended solids through industrial water filtration lightens the load of downstream treatment equipment. This results in that equipment operating at higher efficiency, incurring lower maintenance costs. In irrigation filtration systems, keeping the suspended solids out of the water means that the life of expensive irrigation equipment is significantly extended.


#4 Peace of mind


Regardless of whether your system is for drinking water, irrigation, or process water. Knowing that guests in your hotel are drinking safe water, or your irrigation system will provide water efficiently to your crop, or that your expensive piece of equipment using water is protected using water filtration systems will ensure the business has peace of mind. This is why we recommend you install a water filtration system.

Are you ready to install a commercial water filtration system? We can design quality Filtersafe Perth water filtration systems, and offer the best filtration solutions in Perth. Ask us today about what water filtration system would be best suited for your commercial operation.

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