Filtersafe’s SmartWeave screens are more reliable, robust, and durable than other screens on the market.


The heart of any filtration system is the screen. This barrier is what keeps downstream systems protected whether this be at water treatment plants, aquaculture or irrigation.

The two key features of a screen filter that make or break its functionality are the ability to filter particles to the designated micron, and its ability to work without clogging.


Why is this important?


If a filter can’t be trusted to reliably filter to the required filtration degree this can result in sediment clogging pipes, nozzles, membranes and other high value equipment resulting in costs and down time.

The ability of the filter to clean reliably repeatedly is critical. If the cleaning mechanism can’t properly remove the debris building up on the screen the open area of the filter mesh becomes reduced and can significantly reduce the flow rate that can pass through the filter with cascading effects downstream.




Our Filtersafe filters have both the technology to successfully integrate into all industrial water, water treatment and irrigation applications.

Our filters have a tailored design and modularity that allows us to supply flow rates as high as 1600 m3/hr in a single horizontal screen. With multiple screens this can reach 9000m3/hr. They also allow us to offer unlimited capacity in modular configurations. Filtersafe is a filter that provides unparalleled value, effectiveness, and durability for the most demanding filtration systems.




Filtersafe’s proprietary filtration technology began with the vision of engineering a seawater-durable filter that would handle filtration without microscopic organisms getting in or blocking it.

This innovative, high-performing screen uses a combination of protective screens and woven wire filtration filters. The reinforcement layer also acts as a filter, removing sediment and microorganisms.

The basis for Filtersafe’s SmartWeave screens is the exclusive weave-wire mesh layer. This determines the micron level for the filter. It’s strength is enhanced by protective layers either side of the mesh layer. To make it the most durable screen on the market the layers are sintered together resulting in a total screen that is only 3mm thick.

To make the screen suitable for many different applications, the SmartWeave screen comes in different stainless steel materials including 316L, 904L and SMO254.




To ensure that our Filtersafe filters can clean repeatedly, the cleaning nozzle technology is important. Filtersafe’s NozzleX patented suction scanner ensures this reliable cleaning without wearing down the nozzle or wearing out the screen. In a typical automatic screen filter the nozzle presses against the screen with enough force to overcome all system pressures. NozzleX by design presses only applies minimal pressure on the screen at any operating pressure. This results in improved performance and a longer filter lifespan.

Combining SmartWeave and NozzleX together, Filtersafe call this Everclear. This combination is what sets Filtersafe apart.


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Filtersafe is the best choice if you want to improve system reliability and performance across all water filtration and water treatment systems.

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