If you’re pumping water and other liquids and materials from point A to point B, you already know the effort, energy and high costs involved in doing so. It’s no easy task for the everyday person, but thankfully, pumping solutions are evolving (for the better) as time goes by.

Interested to find out 3 ways to reduce potentially expensive pumping costs?

They’re simpler than you would think. Read more from the Perth pump suppliers at APT Water to find out.


Utilise only the right pump for the required task


It makes sense, but it’s advice that isn’t always followed.

For example, utilising pumps and motors that are either too powerful for the required task at hand or not powerful enough results in one guaranteed thing – energy waste.

Consult an engineer or your trusted pump supplier for advice on which pump to purchase for your required tasks.

Why? This will ensure the most efficient machine (pump and motor) is chosen to fulfil the specific needs of an application, no more and no less.

Another tip is optimising your pumping system for most, if not all applications, to factor in size, volume, drive type and power output to enhance efficiency. Know what you need out of a pump and motor and you will save money in the long-term.


Control the flow rate and water pressure in your system

The inability to control water pressure and flow rate in your pumping systems equates to energy waste. This, as you can appreciate, translates to an unnecessary increase to your pumping costs.


How can you maintain optimum water pressure in your pumping system?

  • Install pipes of the right diameter and length to maintain hydraulic pressure
  • Choose the right pipe for the job, too, as the inside of the pipe (be it rough or smooth) that comes into contact with water or other liquid should facilitate a smooth flow.

Experiencing low water pressure at the source? Installing the right pipes alone will not suffice.  Instead, rely on water flow control valves, throttling valves or bypass loops to achieve a well-maintained, optimum pressure.

Your control will reduce the heavy load on pumps and motors, thereby reducing potentially expensive maintenance and operational costs.


Maintain your pumping systems and monitor for any problem points


Taking good care and carrying out regular maintenance checks is necessary to keep costs down.

As much as you’d like to believe, you cannot simply set and subsequently forget about your pump forever. So, learn to look after and periodically monitor your pumping system to avoid unexpected and costly repairs down the line.


There you have it! Achieving maximum efficiency of your water pump systems and keeping costs down is simple when you use the right system and accessories for the assigned task, embrace the flexibility of control and maintain your pumping system.

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