When operating a plant, it’s necessary to have a management plan for maintenance. One key part of this management plan is devising and implementing effective strategies to extend your plant’s operating life.

Fortunately, there are proven ways to do so – providing maximum lifespan and maximum efficiency.

Want to know how to extend your plant’s operating life?

Read more from the Perth pump specialists at APT Water for 15 ways to do so.



You can approach oxidation by using antioxidant additives to deplete the oxygen in a fluid.



Did you know that when you add a percentage of virgin heat transfer fluid (up to 50% of total volume) to your existing system, it will work to remove degradation by-products?

When used correctly and frequently, this dilution method will extend the operational lifespan of your plant.



Like the above, filtration works to remove degradation by-products from your plant system.

Why is this necessary?

  • So, its potential catalytic effect on the degradation of a fluid is avoided.


Nitrogen blanket


As you may already know, oxygen is detrimental to a heat transfer fluid that’s operating above 60 degrees Celsius. Also, this leads to acid formation that corrodes and damages a pump and its systems.

How can you counter this?

  • Use a nitrogen blanket to prevent the heat transfer fluid from encountering air whilst inside the expansion tank.


Recharge with the help of a synthetic fluid


It’s common knowledge that synthetic-based heat transfer fluids maximise the capacity for plants to effectively operate at higher temperature.

How is this possible?

  • Through their high thermal stability
  • High purity
  • And high heat transfer efficiency.


Remove light-ends


Light-ends (aka light-chain hydrocarbons) are a by-product of thermal degradation.

They’re removable through distillation when there’s an installation of temporary or permanent light-ends removal kit.




A simple yet highly effective and popular way to extend your plant’s operating life is through sampling.

Why is this so?

  • It’s well known by prior research and evidence that improved fluid condition is associated with sustained component life.

Frequent sampling is a definite contender to maintaining your plant system’s operational lifespan.





Last but certainly not least in extending your plant’s operating life, you have temperature.

Achieve maximum efficiency and a longer lifespan by decreasing the fluid’s operating temperature.

Why? It has to do with Arrhenius’s Law which explicitly suggests the rate of decomposition is halved for every 10 degrees Celsius drop in temperature.


We’re not finished yet!

Here are 7 more ways to extend your plant’s operating life:

  1. Stay on top of large machinery operator training
  2. Add and test lubricants frequently
  3. Check for signs of wear
  4. Monitor vibration levels, use remote monitoring
  5. Keep large machinery clean, and maintain a clean environment
  6. Stick to a maintenance and repair schedule, and keep good records
  7. Embrace new technology when it becomes available.

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